Paintballing Gear: Tips for Paintballing


Have you ever been paintballing before?

If you have never played paintball in your lifetime then you have been missing an incredible buzz and should definitely read this article before you start.

Most of the people who enjoy pain ball will let you know of the adrenaline fuelled thrill ride that shooting these packed paint pellets gives you. As you flick that semi-automatic trigger and a stream of fast paint ammo flies over 1 after the other you will feel like a commando!

Paintball can be split into 2 areas:

  • Woodsball
  • Speedball


Also referred to as a ‘scenario’ game, woods ball takes place in a forest. You will use the natural surrounding and habitat to hide, chase and surprise your opposing team. Dress in camouflage and get down and dirty to really feel like a Marine. This is the closest thing to combat you will get without the worry of actually being killed – although getting hit by a paintball is no fun!


This takes place in abandoned warehouses and factories. Massive inflatable obstruction are usually found to hide behind along with barrels and such which can be used as barriers for protection. Pistols are usually used here and these are usually bright colored compared to the dull camoflage of woods ball rifles.

How to play

It is essential to gain some knowledge before reaching the gaming area. In this blog, I have given some tips that will help you to enjoy paintballing in each and every way.

Paintballing hurts

Though this activity is an incredible amount of fun, it has chances to hurt you or cause pain. It will not hurt too much especially with the adrenaline that will be running through your body but it can leave a nasty bruise and you must always protect your eyes, ears and privates.

Wear suitable clothing

You know well that you are going to indulge in paintballing activity, right? Then make sure not to wear your favorite clothes. Paint balling will leave you completely covered in paint and the paint will ruin and stain your clothes. Most people choose to wear fatigues and many establishments will rent you the markers (guns) clothing and protection. It can also get hot so be prepared to be able to carry a drink with you too.

Comfortable shoes

The shoes you are going to wear should be same as the color of your outfit. You will be easily targeted if you wear shoes of alternate colors. Also be aware that woods ball games can be wet and muddy underfoot so it’s a good idea to wear strong shoes that can grip well.

Overall Paintballing is one of the best and most intensely fun things you can do with your clothes on! It’s always a good idea to rent everything you can at first but the more you get into it the more you should look to buy a pistol. If you have played and are looking for the next step then this site has some great reviews for paintball guns or keep up to date with the latest news on their Facebook page.

All about Laser Tag Activity

laser tag activity

Laser tag is a fun filling and excitement packed game. It is almost the same as paint balling with all the adrenaline but no mess and it’s a heck of a lot less painful when you get shot.  If you love the thrill of these kind of games then you should definitely try it out.

All players are given a phaser style electronic gun and a radio link to show you who have been shot in real time.

The laser guns are programmed with several shots, clips, and lives per clip, and they can hit a target at a distance of up to 80 meters. Nowadays, the laser guns come with an increasing amount of excellent features that include rapid fire or single shot modes, visuals, and sound effects.

The laser combat game is determined by counting the number of shots against the lives taken. and it’s always hilarious receiving you score cards after to see who shot who and how many times!

In order to enjoy laser tag game, it’s best to have outdoor clothing, trainers or boots as well as a  stealthy killer instinct. It’s a safe game for all physical abilities and is great for all ages. In this game, you need to be running most of the time and games usually take place in a dimly lit warehouse with many barriers to hide behind. It is recommended to wear comfortable shoes and outdoor clothing.

The laser guns used can vary from a replica of military grade weapons to futuristic phasers you’d expect to see in Star Trek.

If you do have great aim then some places will have headbands where you can get extra points for shooting a player in the head as opposed to the larger body shot but be careful… there’s always someone lurking around in the shadows.

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Hunting Deer: Tips for Success

hunting deer

If you are planning to go on a hunt and want to be successful, then it’s essential that you to focus on two areas. These two tips will help you to be successful when you are hunting whitetail deer.

Firstly you should be familiar with the location and area you are hunting in. This gives you an advantage to be able to follow trails more easily and also means that you are less likely to get lost. This can happen more easily than you think when you are concentrating to such on following the hunt. The second point is also fairly obvious. You have to avoid detection.

Let’s take a look at these in detail.

Being knowledgable about the areas you hunt will give you an edge. You will be more lily to anticipate where the deer will be and where they feed. It is essential to scout the area and look for the place where they graze, get water and take rest. Before starting to hunt, when you know these details well and clear you can easily start to hunt according to it.

Once you are in the hunt you need to protect your exposure and avoid detection. Since deer have extremely developed senses, you need to ensure to stay out of their sight. If you wish to hunt big whitetail bucks, then eliminate your scent and remain as quite as possible. They are prey animals and use senses including smell, sound, and sight. The wind is the major key that keeps your smell away from detection so, always ensure to stay hunting from downwind location.

You should also look at the ammunition and hunting weapons.

There are a few options and many people choose you use rifles but crossbow are becoming much more common among hunters. There are different bow types with long bows and recurve being the 2 main options. They are powerful and silent and so make perfect weapons for hunting a stealthy animal such as deers.

Rifles are obviously louder and can be startling to all other types of animals that you will not be targeting. The silence of a crossbow is much more in line with the ethos of hunting and requires skill and judgement to make the perfect kill shot.

Boating: Best Recreational Activity


Recreational boating remains a favorite hobby for lots of people.  If you live near a river, lake or Ocean then you will get a lot of opportunities to spend time on boat. You can lavishly enjoy time relaxing or fishing with your friends and family or all by yourself. It’s a sure fire way to enjoy your free time if you can afford to buy or rent a boat, yacht or even a canoe!

Here are some of the reasons why boating is considered as an ideal pastime.

Provides endless opportunities

If you are a person who loves adventurous water sports such as scuba diving, surfing, snorkeling or swimming then I recommend trying going out on your own boat. If you enjoy fishing, the best accompanying activity is boating. Do you feel a loss of interest in challenging activities? No problem, take a leisurely cruise on your houseboat with friends and family.

Good exercise

Boating is a strenuous activity that you would will find out about if you do it yourself. It does not only require physical activity, but you also have to stay focused and attentive when being in charge if a vessel. This remains as a great exercise that will keep you active and fit.


Take a long boat trip in a sea or ocean by yourself. You may feel different the first time but later you will start to enjoy boating as your favorite pastime. If you are feeling scared, you can take a boating instructor with you.

Quality time

A boat trip is the best choice when you feel like spending quality time with your family and friends. You will realise the majesty of the ocean and how powerful it is when on open waters. If you are on a smaller lake then you will feel the tranquility of your surroundings. Take a small rod with you and maybe a 4-pack and you’ll be more relaxed than any massage or spa.